13 Unofficial But Very Real Rules In Every Nigerian Home

1. Everyone older than you is either your auntie or your uncle.


We are not even related.

2. What every grade means:


The struggle.

3. Every Saturday morning is environmental sanitation.

look of stress

Ugh! The worst.

4. When you want to call any of your older siblings you have to start with “Brother” or “Sister”

Eye roll kid

Why na?

5. When you see an adult sweeping you have 3 seconds to run and collect that broom from them.


Hay God!

6. Your left hand is for you, your right hand is the only hand that matters.

is it your hand

What did the hand do to you people?

7. When your parents call you, the answer is never ever “what?”

you want to die


8. The Morning Fresh is never finished, just add water.

morn fresh

Don’t waste money.

9. University and Religion are NOT optional.


Unless you want to go and live under the bridge.

10. You can’t date until you’re married.


See wahala.

11. When your parents are angry every question they ask is rhetorical.

close your mouth

Just keep quiet.

12. If you don’t want rice then you’re not hungry.

man look

Na wa.

13. Your career options:

– Zikoko