2 Years After, Everyone Applauds Beyonce’s Sister Solange for Beating up Jay Z

Two year after the infamous elevator brawl at the MET Gala, where Solange Knowles beat up Jay Z, people are finally applauding her, and it’s all thanks to Beyonce’s new album, #Lemonade, where she supposedly outed her rapper husband for cheating on her.

In 2014, Solange was dragged all over the internet over that incident. Pieces were written about her, with many accusing her of suffering bipolar disorder. The family never addressed that story, instead, Solange, at a point, deleted memories of Beyonce from her page, but they reunited again and even attended her wedding to husband Alan Ferguson.

Watch the elevator clip here, in case you missed it:


But now, the internet is kind to Solange over that incidence; she is no longer the singer with ‘mental issues’, she has become the protective sister who tried to defend her loved one from a cheating spouse.

And so, yesterday, both on Instagram and Twitter, fans trooped out to relieve that moment, but with a new narrative. “Happy Two Year Elevatersary, Solange and Jay-Z!!!!!!!” Twitter user, Jenny Johnson, wrote yesterday. And others have since joined in.

See some of the reactions:

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