5 Reasons why the Nightlife will Make You Fall in Love with Lagos

Lagos or ‘Lasgidi’ as it is popularly called, is undoubtedly one of the most zestful cities in Nigeria. The hustle and bustle lifestyle of the people and environment in general makes the city a unique place to live in. And undeniably, one of the main attraction of Lagos remains its nightlife.

The fact that Lagos comes alive at night with exciting activities has made most Lagosians become night-crawlers. As for foreigners, they are left captivated.

If you have never considered relocating to Lagos, here are five reasons why the nightlife in Lagos will make you change your mind.

  • Friday Nights

Friday nights are grandly celebrated in most places in the world but here in Lagos, the term TGIF has become a mini fest of sorts. Night clubs and bars are jam-packed with working-class folks who just want to unwind after working all week long. These clubs, apart from offering the chance to have a couple of drinks while grooving to loud music, are the perfect places for Lagosians to do a lot of their socialising and/or get useful business connections . You also get to witness a lot of champagne popping displays by the ostentatious who use the opportunity to show off their wealth.

  • Traffic

While this may be debatable, the best time to enjoy driving in Lagos is at night. The roads are free and if you stay on the island, you get to see people play out their Fast and Furious fantasies.

Image: Getty

Lagos Road at Night Image: Getty

  • Glamorous Shows and Events

Lagos is known to be the entertainment hub and most nights in Lagos are packed with shows. From red carpet events to stage plays and music concerts, you are assured to never have a dull moment.

Image: touraine

Asa Live in Lagos Image: Touraine

  • Night Market

Night markets in Lagos are also another reason to love the city’s nightlife. Goods are interestingly more affordable at night than day. The popular Adedeji Night market in Itire is mostly patronised by working class people within and outside the area especially to avoid the harsh sun rays and noise pollution of the afternoon.


  • The Weather and Joints 

A friend of mine once asked why Suya (popular Nigerian finger food made from meat) is hardly sold during the day and I told her, “Can you imagine eating hot, spicy Suya when the sun is scorching hot ?” One has to agree that the cool, breezy weather at night is rightly suitable to enjoy hanging out at a Suya or pepper soup joint.

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Suya Spot Image: Getty

What do you love about the nightlife in Lagos?