Bonang X AKA

Last night, AKA and Bonang Matheba proved they are waxing stronger when the rapper shared a photo of them lounging by his new whip. “Goodnight. God bless,” the rapper captioned the pic, sending giddy fans in overdrive.

AKA Cozies Up To OAP Bonang Matheba In New Instagram Photo

The South African top stars caused massive debate when the rumour of their relationship surfaced on social media last year and the mother of AKA’s child, DJ Zinhle, exposed Matheba as the third party who ruined her relationship with the rapper. Both Bonang and AKA denied this through various statements issued on social media and their public relations people, and Bonang even threatened to file a suit against Zinhle.

But, AKA made peace with Zinhle and not longer after, allegedly went on vacation with Bonang, triggering a massive backlash from fans. However they are getting bolder.

In April, Matheba shared a photo of Bonang on her page. “It’s Monday,” she simply said. Now, the duo have shared the first photo of themselves cozying, proving that this relationship is here to stay.