Antar Laniyan, Yemi Solade, Lanre Teriba, Jaywon, Bayo Bankola And More Talks About Their Take On Dark-Skinned Women

Dark -skinned women are often viewed to be less attractive than their lighter skinned counterparts. Some dark -skinned women feel as if they are left overs and or insignificant non-entities. Even to this day, there are some dark -skinned women who wish that they were lighter so they could feel more beautiful.

In some Black families, colorism is practiced which lighter members of the family are preferentially treated and deemed to be more attractive than its darker skinned members. Oprah winfrey, jada pinkett, viola davis and many more super black women had their says on the black discrimination thing sometmes. This Article is never arranged to look down on anyone’s visible looks and outward personalities, because regardless of your colour, it is every womans obligation to make these journey towards self acceptance. In a very honest and open opinion of our Nigeria celebrities too, these is what they said about dark skin choices.

Antar Laniyan
Antar Laniyan
He who is not proud of his colour is not fit to live. The white one says he is white yet he calls chalk white, He says I am black yet he says the blackboard in the classroom is black . Maybe he’s pink and I am brown. I am proud of my colour . Thank you.


Yemi Solade

Well, my position on ladies who leave their skin tones natural is that such ladies do not suffer COMPLEX ISSUES. They appreciate what they have naturally and do not see a need or reason to alterate it. People come with different natural skin complexions from birth and as we grow, we become conscious of these. Some appreciate this natural phenomenon and are content, some don’t. I don’t see anything wrong with any skin complexion as long as it is natural and well taken care of. I married a light – skinned woman though, but she is NATURALLY light becauses she is mixed.


Bayo Bankole


Dark skin is beautiful  when it is properly taken care of.  What you see is the dark skin and what you feel is a clean heart. I think I like dark skin women because of the texture of the skin. One thing I will like to add is dark skin is protective while light skin is not, light skin is more prone to skin cancer and other skin diseases while dark skin is not.


Lanre Teriba


Dark skin women posses a stronger image, whenever you meet any, you will know she has survived what might weaken another. Black women are fierce and stronger i think. But i appreciate every woman.



The skin is not going to dictate every kind of woman, but for every woman who takes very good care of herself and her skin tells defines what kind of woman she is. Dark or light skinned, everyone is as good as what they look like. But As a true African man that i am, black is forever adorable.


Wale Adeoba (Mr packaging)


Black women are cultured and natured, black is beautiful, black is unique, black is undiluted.


Tokunbo Awoga


Well, light skinned people  might be attractive because they are flashy but at a closer look you will see that black is original. I’m a dark guy and I think Black is gold and beautiful. I condemn skin bleaching, Why will you become white overnight when you were created dark? And come to think of the fact that it’s becoming a trend. Skin cancer is real, nothing comes without side effects. Moving from black to white is simply outrageous.


Sesan Alabi


I love dark skin women, but in proportion, too much of anything can be at the excess. When you are dark just in proportion. Not too dark. Dark skin women rock, salute to every woman still.

Compiled by Omo Baba Oba