Azealia Banks is finally coming face to face with the consequences of her actions.

This morning, the 212 rapper took to her page to open up about the difficulties she has been facing after her last racist attack on singer Zayn Malik.

I feel really sad and uninspired. I feel deeply misunderstood. I feel cheated, I feel stolen from, “the rapper wrote this morning.

Recall that due to her racist attack on a former One Direction singer, Banks’ appearance was dropped from a major UK festival and her Twitter account was also shut down.

Ever since then, Banks has been sort of tamed on Instagram. Occasionally, she lashes out but quickly deletes her posts, perhaps out of fear of being sent packing from yet another platform.

Now, the American feels that she is being ‘shoved into a corner and punished’. “I might actually be losing my mind,” she added.

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