Yung6ix-5Four months ago, HKN signee, B-Red threatened to beat up rapper, Yung6ix anytime they cross paths.

Now, the crooner in an epic comeback revealed on Snapchat yesterday, June 29, 2016 that his pet Parrot is named after B-Red.


He shared a short clip on the story sharing site writing, “Our Parrot, his name is B Red, Nigha scared AF. 6ix just came in.

It all started earlier this year when Yung6ix went on a Twitter rantthreatening to expose some big names in the industry for injustice against him within a 24hours ultimatum, he neither exposed nor called out any name.


B-Red having none of it, threatened to beat the rapper up when next they see.

According to him, “First of all, Yung6ix if i see you, I’m fu*king going to beat your ass. I’m going to F*ck you and your crew up, You understand. You are wearing a fake chain, You are F*cking broke“.

However, it’s not clear if B-Red’s rant is related to Yung6ix’s earlier threat. But, it seems like there is an unresolved beef between the two.