chris brown fined by amsterdam police

Chris Brown got his motor running in Amsterdam but police weren’t having it. However, everyone became friends at the end.

The 27-year-old R&B singer was stopped by cops for driving what appears to be a dirt bike without a license plate and was released after paying a fine. Brown took to his Instagram page after the incident.

“We’re in the police station,” he said in a selfie video posted Friday. “We gotta pay this damn fine. Man, didn’t have no tags. Bike life.”


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“Public service announcement, kids. Do not ride motor vehicles without license plates,” he added in another clip. “Sorry, we just bought the bikes. Forgot about the license plate. Yeah. So. We’re handling the situation as is. But the police are really nice about it, man. I actually like the police out here. They’re cool as s–t. For real.”

He also said in a friend’s Instagram video, “You gotta pay a fine if you don’t have no f–king tags.”

Brown did not specify the amount of the fine.

In California, where Brown lives, brand new vehicles do not come with license plates but drivers can drive temporarily with a registration sticker displayed from the inside until they obtain them.