basketmouth-and-daddy freeze

Daddy Freeze and Basketmouth are back at their petty fight again, this is what many fans think.

Recently, the comedian uploaded a photo of a Rolex which costs a whopping sum of $58, 390, and here’s what he said about it:

“I will only spend N23,000,000 on a watch, if the watch can tell me……
1: The time Jesus is coming back
2: When they will bring back the girls
3: The time corruption will stop in Naija
4: The time the Naira will be equal to the dollar….just to mention a few.”


Funny enough, Daddy Freeze owns this exact wristwatch, and had been posting photos of same on his Instagram page.

And so, not long after Basketmouth made that post about the ridiculousness of plunging such an incredulous amount of dollars just for a wristwatch, Daddy Freeze responded. Obviously perceiving Basketmouth’s post as a some sort of shade, he fired back with his own terse reply.

Here’s what Freeze said:

“I just love the way this feels on my wrist, one of my favourite watches. It’s so heavy because platinum is a very heavy metal. My watches tell me the time, that’s all that matters. If you want to know when Jesus is coming I’m sorry Rolex can’t help you, maybe giving your life to Christ can. Jesus could also help you get rid of the bitterness and malice.”


Their feud dates back to years ago and reached a fevered pitch last December at Olamide’s Lagos concert, where Basketmouth embarrassed the radio presenter.

However, Freeze attempted to make peace by apologising to Basketmouth a few weeks ago. “Dear brother Bright, I miss how things used to be,” he said in a since deleted post, adding, “If I have ever offended you, I use this as a medium to seek for your forgiveness. Trust me, I have forgiven you a long time ago, and I am letting go of all the bitterness.”

And what do fans think of the latest sub? See the reactions: