Dele Momodu Finally React To Davido Calling Him out in Osinachi Remix

It was not Thursday yet but Dele Momodu felt the need to set the records straight, and he did that using precise and detailed throwback photos that corrected the cringe-worthy jibes David’s fan had been making ever since the singer mentioned the publisher in Osinachi remix.

From the photos shared, while the publisher hob-nobbed with Davido’s father and top dignitaries, the singer is seen holding him like a child would his father, reiterating Momodu’s statement in his Joy FM interview.

I don’t think Davido will see me and say I’m his boy, I’m his father,” Momodu told the Ghanaian radio station last week, adding, “Why would I fight with my own child? I can’t fight him and now we are connected together through that baby.”

And so, for fans who really needed pictorial conviction, the publisher obliged them the cute photos that spoke volumes.

See them:


And how did Nigerians react to the photos? Here’s what they think:

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Oya, let’s hear you say ‘Dele Na my boy’ one more time.