For the rest of the world, the Kardashians are the progenitors of every malicious news about Blac Chyna that sees the light of day and this time, fans of Blac Chyna are blaming reality tv’s first family for the leak of her criminal past despite their having kissed and made up.

Fans Blame The Kardashians For Leak Of Blac Chyna’s Criminal Past

According to Radar Online, the arrest record of Rob Kardashian’s pregnant fiance from 2008 showed that Angela Renee Kardashian and 3 accomplices stole more than $41k from a Maryland credit union by opening multiple bank accounts and withdrawing money from them using fake cheques with Chyna indicted for $14,000 worth of fraudulent transactions. She was however let off the hook after she agreed to pay back, a courtesy her fans have refused to extend to the Kardashians.

See their reactions below

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Do you think the Kardashians had anything to do with this?