‘Jamal’ On Empire Is About To Leave The Show

The actor who sent a lot of fans into fever-pitch frenzy with his misleading tweet of May 11 which read “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time @EmpireFOX. I love you all. Truth. Time 2 make a record some movies. #Empire,” has clarified that he will not be leaving the Fox series.

After the season 2 finale which aired a few hours ago, he took to twitter to share a 30 second video featuring co-star, Gabby Sidibe, to explain his previous tweet and assure fans that they will be seeing more of the ‘Jamal Lyon’ magic come season 3.

Fans have been quick to express their relief as some already threatened to boycott Empire season 3 if Jussie Smollett was not a part of it.

Like what would Empire feel like without Jamal right?