OAP Freeze Exposes The Wife Of His Best Friend Who Is Having An Extramarital Affair

Daddy Freeze finally explained why he has an opinion for every trending topic, and his response is epic.

Yesterday, the popular OAP wrote an open letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron who described Nigeria and Afghanistan as ‘fantastically corrupt‘ while debriefing the Queen. This statement has dominated conversations on social media, and one of those who has something to was the OAP.


Credit: Bellanaija

However, a fan who had tired of Freeze’s opinions on social media called him out, accusing the media personality of ‘talking too much’. “Sir, I respect you but you sometimes talk off point,” the fan said, adding, “You sometimes talk like you are not a journalist.”

But the OAP, who is born to a Romanian mother and Nigerian father, was mildly amused by the criticism and so decided to school the fan. “I’m European bro,” Freeze said, noting, “the restriction of movement and speech that apply to you unfortunately don’t apply to me!”

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Lately, Freeze assumed the mouthpiece of the Baloguns after Tee Billz outed his wife Tiwa Savage on social media. It was the on-air personality who broke the story that the estranged husband tested negative to drug use and he also wrote many articles on the subject, as he had done for every other trending issue.

Perhaps now that he has explained his lack of restrictions to us, fans would stop criticising him for talking too much, or what do you think?