The table has finally been turned on ex-governor’s daughter Kemi Olunloyo who is known for dragging famous people on social media.

Yesterday, Dublin-based journalist Tokunbo Aboderin accused Olunloyo of incest. According to Aboderin, Olunloyo had an incestuous relationship with her father, and her children are the product of that relationship.

You can read up the messy details here.

Tokunbo Aboderin. Credit: Google

Tokunbo Aboderin. Credit: Google

And now, Olunloyo is firing back at the journalist, and in her usual style, has made shocking accusations against her, claiming that Aboderin is tarnishing the Former Governor’s image because he allegedly rejected her in 1975.

This reads like a messy family drama, albeit a deeply saddening one as Olunloyo’s children are being dragged into a feud involving old rivals.

Read Olunloyo’a Instagram note:

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And see her tweets: