May a Thousand Bats Rape Your Mother  Rapper Illbliss To Fan Fan Who Criticised His Rap

Rapper Illbliss has kicked off an outrage on Twitter over how he lashed out at a fan who criticised his music. It all started after the Twitter user told the rapper that he had no business in the hip hop world, a terse appraisal the ‘Bank Alert’ rapper didn’t take kindly.

“Oga Bliss, rappin is not your calling,” the Twitter user PasqalEriq said, adding, “What you are doing, is that one called rap? You’ll now be forming boss, on top wetin?”

Upset by the terse dismissal, the Capital Hill Music/Goreti Company artiste went off in a misogynistic rant about his critics’ mother, wishing for the woman to get raped by a ‘thousand bats’.

And that’s not all.

When his critic would not stop heckling, Illbliss wished death and more on the undaunted critic, making threats about how the younger man could get killed for calling him out.

See the exchange:

May a Thousand Bats Rape Your Mother

This unprecedented reaction has sparked a conversation on social media on misogyny and how the rapper could have ignored the Twitter user, and especially why he would make hateful comments about women. See the reactions:

May a Thousand Bats Rape Your Mother1