What in the world is going on with Nollywood actor Charles Okocha, popularly known as Igwe Tupac?

Yesterday, the actor turned ‘comedian’ had what appeared to be some sort of meltdown on his Instagram page. In a video shared by the Nollywood star, he kept on saying repeatedly that he is going to shine some day, before suddenly breaking down in tears.

See the video below.

It is no news that since Charles kicked off his career in Nollywood back in 2001, it has been anything but successful. It was only last year that his popularity and fan base increased after his movie Igwe Tupac surfaced online. Since then, Charles has become more of an Instagram celebrity, sharing funny skits on social media. So, could it be possible that he really just wants to shine and is fed up with the hustle?

While some just believe this is just another of his funny videos and are speculating that he might have smoked cheap weed before  recording, others are seriously concerned and believe he might be depressed or even mentally unstable.

See their reactions.

A video posted by Igwe 2pac (@charles_okocha) on

Those who think his behaviour is the after-effect of smoking weed.
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Those who are worried about his state of mind.



What do you think, cheap drugs or something more?