The desecration of Holy Books has always sparked major backlash all around the world. And so today, when upcoming singer Omo Akin shared a meme of the bible sitting in a water closet with a caption that asked if one would ‘flush’ if for ‘2 million dollars’, he kicked off yet another debate that sparked emotional reactions on social media.

The ‘Sisi Maria’ singer had found the meme funny and concurred by including his own caption. “Be honest,” he asked his fans if they would flush the holy book if given the opportunity.

But it all escalated quickly as many people called out his disrespect for the Holy Book.

While some asked if he would attempt such a disrespectful post with the Quran, others simply called him ‘stupid’.

This brings to mind the incident of 1995, when Islamic fundamentalists attacked Gideon Akaluka in a police jail and beheaded him following claims that his wife used pages of the Koran to wipe her baby’s butt. For the typical zealous Muslim, disrespecting the holy book is a crime punishable by death.

And while some Christians get upset when the Bible is disrespected, the most many do is trade emotional words. Just as many Nigerians are currently clapping back at the singer.

However, Omo Akin, whose career has been struggling to make it to the spotlight, is upset and has since been firing back, blocking his followers.

See the post:


See some of the criticisms he has since been receiving:

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Strangely, no one has stopped to think that the musician may not do what the meme suggests, Or the possibility that this was just a really silly joke in bad taste.

Well. what do you think?