Yesterday, a tense debate kicked off on comedian Akpororo’s Instagram page after he shared a clip of the kid comedian Emmanuella, to inform fans that the child star will be headlining his show scheduled to hold in Port Harcourt.

Emmanuella is famous for her comedy skits, the most popular being ‘This is Not My Real Face’.

Dis is not my real face ooo

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While many people were impressed by the child’s career growth, a few feared that the adults in her life could be exploiting her for profit, plus these performances at top shows could have an adverse effect on her academics.

See the exchange:


But are those worried about the 5-year-old’s well-being  overreacting?

In his chat with Naij, Mark Angel who discovered young Emmanuella admitted that the career path is gravelly affecting the child’s academics.

“She is in Primary one,” Angel said in the interview, and when asked if the comedy shows are affecting her schooling, he said ‘it is.’

“Now she works extra to be ahead of her mates and her academic calendar,” he continued, adding, “Let me use this opportunity to thank her Principal Mrs Femi E. Peace and her team for all the hard work they are doing for this little girl.”

And so, how do you protect the child and ensure her academics does not suffer?

Here’s where her parents come in.

Mark Angel, in his Naij chat, said Emmanuella parents are proud of her achievements in comedy, as any proud parent should be. However, he made it clear that it was Emmanuella’s principal who ensures that the 5-year-old keeps up with school. Beyond taking pride in a child’s artistic prowess, the onus is on the adults to guide the child properly and protect their mental and academic development.

Hopefully, the trending conversation would be an opportunity for the adults in the child’s life, and not just a school principal, to guide her properly.