peter-OkoyeMore than ever now, fans are convinced that P-Square no longer exists and they are letting Peter Okoye take the fall for it.

Yesterday Peter, who now goes by his new stage name Mr.P, shared videos of himself rehearsing in the studio for his Rock with Mr.P show set to hold on the 23rd of this month. The videos showed him singing his first single as a solo artiste Look into my Eyes and P-Square’s hit song E je ajo. The singer captioned the videos with the hashtag #NoNegativeEnergy #DoingMe

See the videos below.

Ever since the P-Square brothers, Peter and Paul, made peace after their messy family drama which broke the internet months ago, not much has been heard of Nigeria’s favourite group. Even though both brothers stated that P-Square is still together despite working on independent projects, they seem to have totally abandoned the group to focus on their individual careers — with each of them unveiling and promoting different artistes signed on to their independent labels. Only a few days ago, Peter landed his first endorsement deal with Kia motors and now he is gearing up for his Rock with Mr.P show in Lagos.

Peter has performed solo before during his show Dubai but he was known to sing only his single Look into my Eyes. But this will be the first time he will openly perform a P-Square song without Paul and fans are giving him a hard time on his Instagram page.

See some comments below.

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On the other hand, some appear to be feeling his solo performance as Mr.P.

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One particular fan thinks he should be sued and Peter only laughed at his comment.


While others are wondering why Paul is yet to receive the same backlash from P-Square fans.



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